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Paul Arnesen


Hello there, champions of the global workforce!

In this week's newsletter, we're diving headfirst into the realm of Effective Meetings in Cross-Cultural Teams.

When cultures collide and ideas intertwine, mastering the art of cross-cultural meetings is like taming a herd of unicorns. It's tricky but 100% worth it for your business.

Here is a little bit of something to start your week.

Global Work Insights

Cross Cultural Meetings: Effective Strategies for Success

This short piece on my blog dives into the significance of effective cross-cultural meetings, offering practical strategies for success. It emphasises the importance of understanding cultural differences, building trust, promoting clear communication, and leveraging technology and collaboration tools.

​Click here to read the article​

Cultural Spotlight

Meeting Cultures Around the World

In Japanese business culture, meetings are characterised by a formal and respectful atmosphere. They often begin with a ceremonial exchange of business cards and a formal greeting. Decision-making is based on consensus-building, and hierarchical structures play a significant role.

Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark prioritise egalitarianism and inclusivity in meetings. Open discussions and collaborative decision-making are highly valued. Equal participation from all team members, regardless of their position, is encouraged.

In Middle Eastern cultures, establishing relationships and trust is essential before effective meetings occur. Taking time for socialising, building personal connections, and showing respect for hierarchies are crucial.

Latin American cultures often emphasise warmth and personal connections in meetings. Building rapport, engaging in small talk, and valuing relationships are key. Creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere contributes to effective meetings in cross-cultural teams.

Success Story

IBM and Lenovo: A Cross-Cultural Collaboration Success Story in the Technology Industry

IBM's collaboration with Lenovo is a remarkable success story in cross-cultural team meetings. The two multinational technology companies formed a powerful alliance by seamlessly transferring IBM's personal computer business to Lenovo. Through effective meetings spanning teams in the United States and China, they navigated cultural differences, fostering open communication and leveraging the strengths of both organisations. This collaboration exemplifies the potential of effective cross-cultural meetings, leading to significant achievements and establishing one of the world's top personal computer companies.

​Read a case study about this success here​


Book Recommendation

​The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business" by Erin Meyer​

One of my essential book recommendations about cross-cultural communication. It is a fantastic resource for understanding the intricacies of cross-cultural dynamics, offering practical guidance on conducting effective meetings in diverse teams.

Article Recommendation

​Global Teams That Work: A framework for bridging social distance by Tsedal Neeley​

Published in the Harvard Business Review, this article delves into the complexities of global teamwork, including effective meetings, and offers practical advice on managing cross-cultural collaboration.

Podcast Recommendation

​Culture Matters: International Business Podcast​

This podcast, hosted by Chris Smit, explores various aspects of cross-cultural communication and collaboration, including effective meetings. It features expert interviews and provides practical insights for navigating cultural differences in team settings.

Learn From An Expert

Meetings with Germans? Learn the difference between business and pleasure in meetings from German cross-culture expert Steffen Henkel.

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